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Post by sadangel on Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:59 am

My name is Bjarne Nielsen and I am the Procurement Manager for a mining company called Angel Mining t/a Arctic Mining. We have a gold mine in Southern Greenland,
Can you please quote for the following
2500 pcs. Resin Rock Bolts as described
20X2400 MM Bolts with fitted shear pin.
Can you please respond to this RFQ and clearly stating the terms of this, including Currency and Payment Terms together with your Estimated lead time.
Provided that this should become an order we arrange transport to Greenland.
We look forward to receiving your quote by urgent return.
Best regards
Bjarne Nielsen
Procurement Manager
Angel Mining (Gold) t/a Arctic Mining
Boks 162 | 3922 Nanortalik
Phone: +299 618052
Mobile: +299 537520
Fax: +299 618098


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